This is the User Handbook, this means any user who violates this handbook will be blocked if mattered how severe the have violated it.


When editing on this wiki, you have to follow these steps,

  1. This is a fanon wiki, so everything has to be non-canon
  2. You are expected to not vandalize
  3. We edit with grammar, if you cannot than try your best!
  4. We edit with American English, If you wish to edit on British English please make it clear by using the {{HeadingA}} template


Harrasment is not tolerated on this wiki, failure to these steps will involve in a block for a short peirod of time.

  1. We do not make fun religions, sexuality, or politics
  2. We especially do not allow someone to name call on this wiki, (e.g She is so annoying) that is allowed, but if you keep saying it over and over, it will become a warning then a ban or a block.
  3. Jokes, though you are allowed to have jokes, but if any are puroposely trying to hurt you, the user will then be warned, if the user does it again, it will be a block.


  1. This is not a place for "Drama" any drama a user creates will have to end the "drama"
  2. This is not a place for socializing, try Facebook instead (Chat is not counted, as going on talkpages and saying "HEY! WHAT UP") that is counted as socializing
  3. We do not tolerate rudeness to mods, or admins, The admin may block you over their discrestion