This is the policy for making Fanons


  1. Harrasment in fanon's is not allowed, by this it's like making a character with the users name and saying "He died", or something worse. That would be a immediate warning and a deletion of that fanon.
  2. You can't take someone's character and make them say "I'M SO STUPID SO IS MY MAKER" or something like that. Again it will be a immediate warning and a deletion of that fanon.
  3. Changing someone else's fanon, and making it look stupid like "ME THE MAKER OF THIS FANON IS STUPID", that would be a warning, if you do it again it will be a block of 3 days.


Though people may have the same twists, you cannot steal the same thing, and how it used. Like for example someone puts "This shirt will make you safe from two nominations" and you take it. That would be stealing, the admisn will ask you to take it off, if you choose not to take it off, it will be a deletion of the blog and block (counting on how severe it is).


first off, To make your own Players/Character you would need to make them a picture, You cannot take one from the internet of a real person, you would have to make on If you don't want to make a account, you can ask people or an administrator. If you do not make one using FaceYourManga the picture would be taken down and you would recieve a warning.