These are the chat rules. Remember breaking them may cause a ban or worse a block


Literally harassment is not acceptable on this wiki. Failure to do so, will involve in a immediate ban.

  1. Saying "YOUR NOT COOL" is not harassment more like "SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE" that would be a ban.
  2. Making a picture of a use(e.g taking a picture of a user and putting on a monkey or a horses butt is a immediate ban of 1 week)
  3. Talking about Religion and how bad it is or about sexuality is a immediate ban of 3 days


I don't think you need to know what spam is, but other's might not know. For example doing this on chat would be spam;


If you say I'm going to the movies, that is not, but saying it like I'm/going/to/the/movies

Would be considered spam and you will get kicked, if you come back and do it again, it would be another kick, until a ban.


  • There will be outright bans of 2 hours for self-censoring words (i.e Sh*t, Bi*ch, F*ck)
  • Harassment, Usually Harassment is here in many different ways, but for chat this means (i.e YOUR SO STUPID) that would be a kick, but saying it more than three times, and after three warnings would be a ban for 30 minutes. Saying stuff like (YOUR SO STUPID AND NOW ONE LIKES YOU, YOU'RE A BITCH) Outright ban of 1 day.
  • After 4 minimum bans, this means like having 4 bans of 1 day,1 week, 3 days and 1 month would be a permanent ban, Having 4 bans of 2 hours (i.e 2 hours x4) would not be a permanent ban, but having 2 hours x6 would be a permanent ban, If you're a mod and you are having trouble deciding ask an Administrator.
  • Anybody found to have a secondary account during the ban or block. Will be blocked from the wiki immediately and the user who made the account will be banned for 2 more weeks.